About me

My name is Ana Lopez, i am Mexican living in Finland, wife, mom, yoga teacher and life coach. After finishing my organizational psychology studies in university of Monterrey Mexico I have dedicated my career to Wellness. I am a music lover, ballet enthusiast, raw and vegan food eater. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and healing through energy. I love to explore the world, to enjoy my family and friends and to always have fun. I began to practice yoga in Mexico in 2006 I felt a profound calling to dive deep into my body, after my first class I felt I needed to deepen my understanding of yoga.

For years, my mind was everywhere, I used to work as a human resources consultant traveling from one country to another, full of meetings everyday, and a full agenda. I was sometimes “here,” but often not. I wondered what I could do to have a better relationship with my inner being. At this time of my life I had a big car accident that left me unconscious for many weeks, a broken ankle and a swollen brain, took me months to recover, but at this moment I didn’t realize that this was a blessing that taught me to enjoy life and my body like it’s the last day of my life.

I stopped my work for a while to understand and realize what is what I want for life. And this is when I began to take my practice seriously, I realized I needed to take a teacher training. I knew I wanted to understand the yoga as a tradition more than as a practice, and be able to deepen my experience of yoga in order for it to make it a lifestyle. So I went to a long trip to Asia.

The poses have always been fascinating to me. Feeling the connection of my body with my mind, with my heart and emotions. The process of trying to twist into a pretzel or hold my entire body up on two hands created this inviting challenge. I wanted to learn and experience the life-changing effects of what yoga offers.

In Asia. I met amazing people, a Guru expert in tradition, Indian stories and breathing, another Guru who loved to teach meditation, a yogini who spent the days practicing asanas next to a park in Nepal, a great friend specialized in ayurveda, a Indian chef who loved to meditate while cooking, a yoga teacher whose passion was to help you open your spine and lots of amazing people who helped me to become the teacher I am now. I lived in Thailand soaking up all their ancient traditions and helping kids with aids through yoga, breathing and games, this was a life changing experience.

Since then I have looked forward to help people feel better in their own skin and breath, using yoga as a medicine for their illness and a path to be who they really are. I moved to Europe and started doing life coaching with a more holistic approach, helping people either through yoga, meditation or emotional therapies.

Yoga is a pick-me-up. It helps with the day-to-day thoughts that weigh us down. To me, yoga is a restorative process. It’s so easy to get caught up and forget what’s important in life. Yoga has become my powerful friend in the fight to keep me rooted within my being and present in this crazy world.

Now I live in Finland with my Finnish husband and my baby girl. Sharing my journey with others through yoga and life coaching. You can find me either in a yoga studio, making vegan food, enjoying a nice glass of wine and chocolates because life is about balance right?

Contact me if you feel like it, I love to meet people and chat about everything.